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Supplemental Education Services (SES)

Supplemental Education Services (SES) 

Description of Supplemental Educational Services:


Low-income families can enroll their child in supplemental educational services if their child attends a Title I school that has been designated by the State to be in need of improvement for more than one year. The term "supplemental educational services" refers to free extra academic help, such as tutoring or remedial help, that is provided to students in subjects such as reading, language arts, and math. This extra help can be provided before or after school, on weekends, or in the summer.

Each State educational agency (SEA) is required to identify organizations that qualify to provide these services. Districts must make available to parents a list of State-approved supplemental educational services providers in the area and must let parents choose the provider that will best meet the educational needs of the child.

Providers of supplemental educational services may include nonprofit entities, for-profit entities, local educational agencies, public schools, including public charter schools, or private schools. Entities that would like to be included on the list of eligible providers must contact the SEA and meet the criteria established by the SEA to be approved to be an eligible provider.


SES provider evaluation issued by UNCG SERVE Center reported TRAC received a final rating of 93.75 % with an overall rubric score of 3.75 out of a maximum Likert scale score of 4. dissatisfaction at 2.0%. Student attendance was scored a (3) with the rate of 90%.

Service Areas Provided:

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida 

Students Tutoring